Stars Lottery 2017

Stars Lottery 2017

Tickets $25 each
3-pack $60
6-pack $100
18-pack $250


Last year we made a plea to Albertans that was unprecedented in the history of the STARS lottery. As we faced not selling out for the first time in more than two decades, we asked for your support.

In true Alberta fashion, you answered the call in an overwhelming way and we were humbled by your steadfast support.

For the past year, every STARS helicopter in Alberta proudly displayed a Times Are Tough, Albertans Are Tougher decal as a symbol of our gratitude. And as we landed at communities across the province, Albertans were reminded that no matter the challenge, we can get through it if we work together.

When eight-month-old Matea suffered a blood infection, a network of medical experts swung into action. Among them: a caring and dedicated STARS crew who ensured Matea received expert care and swift transport to an advanced hospital, saving her life. Making her STARS mission — and countless others — possible are thousands of lottery supporters across Alberta. Supporters like David, who bought tickets for years and recently won a grand prize.

Albertans know what it means to be part of a community, and to be there for neighbours in need. It’s this community pride that has sustained Albertans through floods and fires, booms and busts, and every challenge along the way. It’s what has made the STARS lottery a success for more than two decades. For so many patients like Matea, the care they need is available thanks to Albertans like you who make it possible.

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